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It all started with me on Friday with a dry acratchy throat & on Suturday she woke up sneazing and caughing. As the day went on I started to feel even worse. That afternoon I gave her pediacare decondestant and she is still sheazing and coughing and a little stuffy but has been in a wonderful mood and does not even act like she feels bad. Now me on the other hand.....I feel so very very bad. There is no fever, just stuffy head, nose, a horible caugh,very achy all over, and to top all that off I have hives all over my body except for my face. They are even on my ears.
We went to the Doctor this am at 8:30 and I signed in as a "walk-in" to see either my Doctor or his PA. After an hour of waiting I walked up to the desk just to see how much longer we would have to wait & if it was going to a couple of hours we would have gone home and come back. The receptionist said that if we would have a seat they would get to us ASAP. An hour and a 1/2 goes by and another lady came out to ask me who I wanted to see. (DUH! DID YOU READ THE SIGN IN SHEET?) When I told her she bluntly said "WELP! They are not even in the office today"! :mad: SO I got mad and stormed out of there and to the Pharmacy and asked them what we be good for us to take until we could get into the Doctor. He suggested Benadryl for the hives & that has not touched them & he said the Pediacare that I had Riley on would be just fine. I feel like someone has burrito wrapped me in Poison Oak. I do not know what to do for this. I have never had a rash before in my life.
Riley seems to be doing better tonight, but I think I will be history by mid-night (if I make it that long). :D


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