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thanks guys :) although i don't think steroids are a good idea because of the suppression thing. i will talk to her mom about seeing a ND for sure. she has been doing "okay" but the past week she has flared up and last night was especially bad(i ended up just sleeping with her and waking up to her crying and putting on eucerin lotion where she is itching) i feel so terrible for her. we previously tried using soy with no noticable change( we had allergy tests done and they told us she cant get near animals). we also think that maybe she is allergic to something outside in the grass cuz her little toes get really irritated everytime she goes out to play. benadryl seems to be doing a ok job at making her itch a bit less, but we ran out yesterday (hence the late night last night) if anybody has ANY other ideas i would be GREATLY appreciative. good thing though she isn't scrathing her face up like she used to (her face used to be scabbed and red all around her lips and her eyes) but thankfullly she doesn't itch there as much. now just to rid the itching on the rest of her body. :)