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i know that heading all to well. both of my children 4 and 15 months get car sick. as a matter of fact my 15 month old threw up this morning on our way to the dr. (which was a 2 hour drive) Brayden (our 15 month old) is not as bad as or 4 year old son, Landen's was. it started when he was about 3 months old. everytime we got in the car, even for 15 min. he would throw up. at 6 months the dr. told us to turn him to front facing. then we had to give him benadryl anytime we when somewhere. now at 4, it has been about 3 or 4 months since his last vomit, but he still gets sick and complains with his tummy or head hurting. we always carry saltine crackers. which helps lots. and the thing i think that has helped the most is a tv in the car. my car does not have one, so when Landen was about 16 months we bought one, and that has been the best investment ever. we are now on our second one. i think that is the main reason our 15 month old doesn't get as sick. he has watched it since he was about 3 months. it keeps their minds on something other than looking all around. i still get carsick, and the only thing that helps me is to look straight foward and watch where we are going. but for little ones, that is usually impossible, so concentrating on a movie or show seems to work. still on long trips i give them each a dose of benadryl.
i would say that it is likely for her to be getting car sick, i would just try not to let her have anything sweet right before or during a long drive. that seems to make it worse. crackers are great, anything salty, pretzels, etc. and a carbonated drink usually helps too. my boys are fans of dr pepper. put her in the middle so she can see out if possible. or possibly watching tv. other than trying these things and giving her medicine, there is not much more you can do.
good luck and hope this helped a little.