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Okay; I have done a lot of research on this, a lot. Sometimes when I am making out with my girlfriend I will ejaculate; fully clothed. So I obviously have a problem

Anyways, SSRIs (Prozac, Zoloft) and ect, are anti-dperessents of the reuptake-inhibator family. basically they are blocking off certain gateways. This effects your sexuality, both your ability to hold an erection and your ability to orgasm. If you are worried about PE, you probably hold an erection just fine with SSRIs.

Tests have shown SSRIs to bring a man from 2 minutes or so, to maybe 3 1/2 or 4. Not a huge increase; especially since many stats show that many women require about 8 minutes (if not much much more) from penetration to Orgasm.

But it helps your chances.

Additionally, Dramamine and Benadryl are known to help prolong ejaculation. Although I have never seen any data on this. You could always time your self while masturbating one day no meds, the next benadryl. Just remember, if you use benadryl make sure that it does not have any aspirins, or other drugs in it. Additionally, I am not a doctor, im a JR Bussiness student, so when self medicating, I cannot specify how many to take. Just know that at 450Mg you may begin to hallucinate and experience recreational effects.

Additionally, a lot of studies show that something like 40% of men suffer from premature ejaculation, but only a small portion go to their doctors out of embarrassment. With this trend the FDA will never see any pressure to approve a drug to help us (and they do exist). If you see your doctor he may give you some magical SSRIs, he may send you to a sex therapist, he may suggest using condoms or condoms with local anesthetic to numb yourself, or he might change your new medication to something else that doesn't have any PE side effects.

Also, a lot of dumb people think that Viagra helps men go longer, it is proven not to. Additionally their is a lot of stuff about masturbating, and stop go techniques. But these don't work for me, I can maybe masturbate for 1 minute, and like I said, I can't even keep my fluids when I'm making out.

Anyways, good luck. And make sure you marry her out of love and not passion. My girlfriend understands that I have PE and she is on SSRIs so we are both screwed when it comes to screwing each other; but we are still getting married, I guess we will have to resort to other options aside from traditional intercourse.

Sorry if I spelled things wrong, and all this is from reputable source on the internet. I hope this helps many men. And remember if you do loose it, don't turn away from your partner in anger and frustration, you are going to make her feel like crap. Also Mods please do not delete my post for the recreational drug use, I just don't want any one to accidentally hurt themselves.