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My 6 yr old grandson had been feeling poorly and running a fever for a few days. He missed school for one day. The doc put him on an antibiotic. A week later he got a red rash on his face and body. My daughter called her neighbor who said that Fifth Disease is making the rounds at school...so this is most likely what he has. he said it itches and my daughter said it looks like his face got slapped.

I myself have had a rash since Christmas that is so frustrating! It comes and goes. I have eliminated all kinds of things, have changed detergent and shampoo, etc and I cannot figure out what is wrong. I am buying stock in benadryl at this point!

After a month of the rash, I started having these weird head pains that also come and go, and now my joints are hurting off and on.

I think I had Fifth Disease back in Dec and it is taking me a long time to get over it...in fact I have the rash today.
Any help? Have you ever heard of Fifth Disease in an adult?