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The hives are pollen related. Why do I know this? They are low in the winter and very high from March-Sept (I have the misfortune of living in the SE where our winters are very short). I can almost predict bad episodes based on the pollen count. I get the hives in the late morning, meaning after the pollen "settling" in my nose while sleeping.

Benadryl knocks me out. I've tried taking it at night but doesn't give me good enough hive relief in the am. Haven't tried clorpheniramine maleate. Just noticed that's the same stuff in Coricidin. Worth trying at night.

The stuff that worked the best was Actifed (but yeah had pseudo in it). I took it every night for about 5 years before I knew I had HBP and before I knew I had hives. Hives started after I stopped taking Actifed and hives stopped anytime I was taking Actifed for a cold. They don't even make Actifed with its original antihistimine tripolidine anymore and you can't even find any medication that uses tripolidine.
I'll give the clorpheniramine maleate a try. If it keeps me from having to do a full dose of Claritin in the morning it'll be worth it.
You can sometimes find chlorpheniramine in dollar stores sold as "antihistamine."
I like it for my occasional needs because it is less "sleepy-making" than diphenhydramine (Benadryl.)