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my daughter has three fairly large whelps on her that i think are mosquito bites, but i'm not certain. one is on her heel, and is a large lighter spot, about the size of a quarter, with the surrounding skin being red and slightly swollen. there is a small blister right in the middle, and the skin looks slightly blistered around that. she has another whelp on her calf (other leg), which looks close to the one on her heel, only the lighter spot isn't quite as big, and looks more blistered than the one on her heel. she also has one on her hip, that is even smaller, and i haven't noticed a blister yet.

my question is, could this be an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite, or could a spider have gotten her? (the blister doesn't look like it has the characteristics of what i've read about spider bites - and can i just say EEEEWWWW????!!!!!)

has anyone else had blisters with mosquito bites???

we put ice on her bites, and applied baking soda pastes, and gave her benadryl, and circled each area with a marker to see if it grows..... is there anything else we can do for her until we can get her to a doctor?
It does sound like a mosquito bite, although the size can be worrisome. My daughter has toxic (allergic) reactions to the bites as well. At times her bites will end up 4 or more inches in diameter with a blister in the middle.

Instead of oral Benadryl we use the topical cream. It works much faster to relieve the itching as it does not have to go through her system first. For my daughter the baking soda paste only provides minimal relief.

Keep an eye on your daughters bites to ensure they do not become infected from scratching. Secondary infections are no fun, and antibiotics would be needed for that. Of course take her to her ped. if they become larger or for your peace of mind.

Take care.:)
thanks for all the responses! she doesn't seem as swollen this morning, but the redness has spread a bit. trying to make an appointment with her new doctor, but it seems the insurance screwed something up and we might not be able to get in today (it's ALWAYS something!!!). anyway, i feel a lot better knowing other kids have this kind of reaction too!!! i've heard that if an anaphylactic reaction happened, it would happen within an hour of getting bit? is this true, or do i still have to worry about it (it's been at least 24 hours now)? i did know about the double dosing with benadryl cream and liquid, but thanks for the reminder! i ALMOST did that to her yesterday, but thankfully my brain kicked in and i put a different ointment on her (called melagel - has melaleuca oil in it - works fast for itching!). :)