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Hi Kim,

Yes, I've had plenty of rashes from drugs. If she has any swelling in her throat, mouth, trouble breathing she needs to go to the ER. I would call her DR. before taking anymore meds. I keep Benadryl handy plus an injection of Adrenalin for allergic reactions. If at all possible, she should have another person around in case she needs some help. Fam
I think the itchy rash is from the triamterene but it can be from either drug.

The general rule is, call your doctor if your develop a rash and talk it over with him.

HOWEVER, if any hives or swelling, especially on the face is involved or your beathing seems involved then stop the drug immediately...get help if symptoms don't abate (some Benadryl will help as First Aid.)

Personally, I'd stop the drug combo...better safe than sorry!