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My DS (4.5), who has eaten PB sandwiches frequently for the past year, broke out in hives last week. He started when we came in from outside (temp has cooled here in NJ) playing with leaves. He had a few marks on his face that seemed to itch and I thought were random bites. He had PB&J for lunch but I don't remember if he had a bite after or before I noticed the hives. I didn't think much of it. He napped and then at dinnertime (no nuts then), a rash spread across his face and then all over his torso. I gave him Benadryl and they went away.

The next day we were in and out but not playing outside. When he ate lunch (PB&J), I noticed it again but they were on his face this time. More Benadryl. I took him to the Dr. who gave me an epipen and a referral to an allergist just in case it's related to peanuts all of the sudden.

Long story short...he's had them on/off for several days and the last time he had PB was a few days prior to this (1/2 sandwich). They seem to go away and then come back in a different spot. The Dr. said it could be anything and related to his cold/cough last week and still had fluid in his ears.

My question is - I thought I read somewhere that food allergies are usually more acute, even though hives aren't considered chronic until after 6 wks. He seems to feel fine but still a little congested. The only other allergy he has (unconfirmed) is mango because he got red splotchiness by his mouth the only 2x he had it as a toddler. I've read there's a cross reactivity between mango and birch pollen (we had 3 birch trees planted in the yard last year).

I'm staying away from nuts until our appt on the 19th but dread the dx of a peanut allergy, given how serious it is. Still, does this seem likely? I would think the PB is totally out of his system after a day or two. I mean, a few nights after the last PB exposure, he broke out again.

Also, when I go to the allergist, if it is a nut allergy, can they tell me the likelihood of how serious an allergy it is? I'm petrified it'll be deadly. I can't believe it. He always ate it without a problem. Just hoping it'a a coincidence. Thanks for your help...