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yeah, i grew up taking nyquil and benadryl (not at the same time!).... my doctor recommended it! he was very old school - you know, if your kid is sick, they need sleep to get better, so at night knock them out with nyquil or benadryl.... if we had colds that kept us awake, my mom gave us nyquil. if we had allergies that kept us awake, she gave us benadryl. it's funny, but we always had allergies just before we left for any long car trips...........

anyway, you can give nyquil, but be careful about the dosing. my mom actually made my brother drunk once because she gave him too much nyquil. she was all panicked at the way my brother was acting and she brought him into the doctor and she was completely freaking out, and the doctor took one look at my brother, asked if my mom had given nyquil, she said yes, he asked how much, she told him, and his reaction was, "well he**, you went and got him drunk!" my mother was so embarrassed!!! anyway, i'm not a math person, but if i can figure it out, anyone can!!! the active ingredients have a little of everything, so if you give nyquil, don't give anything else!