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hi all. My daughter got a bout of hives last summer (she was 3). They were turning into bruises. Also, her knee joints were very swollen and red and hot.
I went to doc, they put her on steroids which immediately got rid of them. She had no other symptom. Played normal, normal appetite etc....

They ran some blood work to test for some autoimmune diseases and they all came back 'normal'. Doc said that there her white blood cells (i think it was white!) were off just a little and he thought it looked like a virus.

The hives came back a few weeks later. Went to the doc, more steroids and they had me contact an allergist.

Long story short, went to see him, he wanted to have a dermatologist do a biospy of a hive if they came back (no steroid could be used though). Hives didnt return until this february.

She is now 4, got a bout of them last month. her ankles were swollen a bit and i gave her benadryl and that seemed to take care of them! i talked to the allergist again and he said if benadryl is helping them then it must be an allergy of some sort. They were gone in 2 days.

Well, she woke up with them again (march 5). benadryl seems to be working, her knees are kinda swollen but she seems fine.

Has anyone else gone thru this? Any ideas what it could be? it just makes me sick NOT knowing what it could be!!!
thanks in advance
thank you for your response!! i will go up and get a hard copy of all the tests today! shes still got the hives this morning, but the benadryl is working pretty good. gets rid of most but some still popping up.

ive been keeping a strict diary of everything! everything she puts in her mouth, soaps, etc.... im pretty boring, i dont change anything much so im trying really hard to figure out if i had.
thanks again!
I'm a 41 year old woman that suffered from hives throughout my childhood. The doctors never figured out what it was caused from. My mom tried everything, changing laundry soap, limiting certin foods (the hardest was chocolate!) and I suffered through numerous applications of calmine lotion and baking soda baths. I always got them toward the end of Summer - beginning of Fall and they usually came after dinner time. They eventually went away as I entered the teen years but returned after the birth of my son. I swore having the hives was worse than all the pain of delivery! Nobody ever suggested benadryl until I mentioned the hives to my neighbor...it was a miracle! As soon as I feel one coming on I take a benadryl and can beat them to the punch. Last night I got a hive for the first time in at least a year. This morning I noticed on my leg where the hive was were many large bruises. I don't know if it's from me itching through my jeans or something else.

I guess my point is, your daughter has benedryl and if you can head off an episode at the first sign...that is the only thing that ever worked for me!

I wish you and your daughter health and happiness!!
Steroids and Benadryl do not fix the problem, they only suppress it. You need to try to treat this with natural means. Add oatmeal and cornstarch to baths. Make sure she is taking extra Vitamin C and Echinacea which is a excellent immune booster. (My daughter is two and I buy it in liquid form for her it is Herbs for Kids brand.) Medications/Drugs can also be a culprit for hives in addition to insect bites and stings and preservatives and chemicals that are added to our foods, this is why I try to tell people that organic food is important and better because you are not ingesting the dyes, preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals which effect the body is various ways, especially over time. You can apply real aloe vera to the area causing discomfort. You could also add some chamomile tea bags to a bath to help with the inflammation.
Here's how I see it. I have allergies, 364 days a year I manage them by eating right, exercising, minimizing stress, and avoiding stuff I am allergic to. About once per year, these means fail me, or I get exposed to something by accident, and I start swelling badly or breaking out in hives. If I take Benadryl within an hour of the first symptom, I'll be fine an hour after that. If not, I will suffer horribly for at least a week no matter what I do, and require a lot more drugs to calm things down.

I carry Benadryl in my pocketbook.

Steroids, now, those are risky and should be used only as a last resort.