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My husband had an anylphlaxtic reaction for the first time in August. He was at work, unloading some boxes which contained an ice pack (the gel freezer type). He picked up the ice pack and immediately started feeling dizzy, his throat started closing up, his heart was racing, extreme difficulty breathing, rash on chest. He was able to call 911, and was given antihistamines, steroids, and fluids and was ok in a few hours.

This has happened seven other times since. Two times were bad enough for that he needed to go to the ER again, the other five times it was milder, and he was able to just take benadryl and rest, and his symptoms went away. Every time it has happened he has touched some type of candy or soda (these are the types of items that were in the box with the freezer pack). We have figured that maybe the freezer pack leaked on these items (?).

We have been to our primary doctor, as well as an allergist, but they have not been able to give us many answers. He tested negative for all of the allergy testing that can be done, and have told him to carry his epi-pen and benadryl with him, as well as take claritin everyday that he goes to work. The reactions have become less frequent, but he still has had two since he began taking the claritin everyday.

Has anyone heard of an allergy to something like this before? From process of elimination, we are figuring he is allergic to some ingredient in the freezer pack. I've looked online for common freezer pack ingredient and allergies to them but haven't really found anything. At this point we are waiting to get a data sheet to tell us what the exact ingredients of the freezer pack are.

Thanks for reading. We are just very frustrated and worried as we do not know the exact cause, and are not sure how to avoid it.