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I have had a severe coffee allergy for the last 13 years. Whenever I am exposed to the smell for too long, I have a severe reaction. I experience a metallic taste in my mouth, my tongue swells, my skin, inner ears and eyes itch , I start sweating and I get congested. Prolonged exposure or ingestion can bring on anaphylaxis. And touching it usually results in contact dermatitis in conjunction with any of the above.

I haven't been able to find a specialist to provide treatment that isn't too invasive. I have an EPIpen, but I hate injecting that (I've had a really bad experience). Right now, I try to monitor things with Benadryl and a daily allergy pill.

Working for a company whose corporate culture loves coffee is hard. Meetings are unbearable and sitting around insensitive people is very trying. I don't want to make a stink about it and have coffee removed from the building or meeting rooms, but I am approaching my witts end. I'm always uncomfortable and have trouble breathing at work, so I am very close to being fed up. I am ready to go to my HR Dept and demand some changes be made.

Does anyone have any suggestions? No one understands the allergy or my symptoms. Are there any articles that shed some light on this little known allergy? Or is there a specialist with a phenomenal new therapy?

I'm all ears! Thanks so much!