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[QUOTE=Zammywen;3537335]I have had a neg to food like peanuts, fish, all nuts, and lots more on a blood test and a positve for all of them with the skin prick test where do you go with that one???

Proceed based on your symptoms. If you have hives/rash/swelling/itchy throat/trouble swallowing/wheezing with a particular food then avoid it. If you have this with one nut, then avoid all nuts. If, however, you have eaten the food all your life with no problems, you can continue to eat it. Just be sure you carry your epi pen with you at all times, if you have one. Carrying Benadryl quick release strips or liquid Benadryl is a good idea as well.
Swollen hands...could be anything, from soap, to detergent, a food he has handled. A preservative. When I am going to go allergic to something I have eaten, it is quick --within a few minutes and my hands are the first to react.

The inside of my palms turns red and becomes horribly itchy then I get hives all over. My allergy is usually strawberries or food additives & preservatives --especially at salad bars.

i always have benadryl handy.
I went thru about a month of hives and we eliminated this and that, and I was on benadryl (which did not help for some reason) cortisone shots, etc. and nothing worked. I just kept breaking out.

finally it stopped on its own.

But it all started one Sat afternoon when i chewed Big Red gum. My mouth and lips swelled up my face got red, my hands-- everything. And from that point on I was allergic to everything it seemed like. Big Red gum---can you believe it? As I said, it finally came to a halt a month later.