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I have just had the day from you know where! It has been horrific. I am still fighting off the flu. I had vomited a few times ealier in the day and have had bad diarrea. So I finally decided to take Imodium AD to stop the diarrea. Little did I know that I was extremely allergic to it. About 30 to 45 minutes later while laying in bad I started to itch. Like crazy! I decided to get up and go look in the mirror. I have red splotches and welts all over my body. Some places were bigger than my hand. My hands were red and swelling. I even had one just below my lip and it was red and swollen. I began to panic and called the doctor. They just put me on hold twice. I told them it was an emergency. SO I hung up and drove myself to the clinic and found the first nurse I could and lifted up my shirt. She was like "wow, they really are bad." So they got me in right away. They realized it was a bad reaction. So they got me on a dose of benadryl right away. Then the nurse came in and gave me a steriod shot. I am about 75% better and it has been 2 hours. I will be on benadryl for a couple of days. And the shot will be so helpful. I can see the red disappearing and the welts shrinking each minute that goes by. I have to be allergic to the Imodium because I only had one bite of wheat toast and water all day long. And that was 2 hours before the Imodium. Any thoughts on this? I would appreciate it! Thanks!:(