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Hi - I’m new here... Found this place while doing some internet research and y’all look like a nice group of people, so I thought I’d join. I am a long-time sufferer of chronic hives. It started when I was 15, and I am still suffering from it at age 38, some 23 years later. I’ve been to endless doctors, who have given up and basically told me to just “live with it”. I do not have hive breakouts constantly. I experience flare-ups every couple of years that last for weeks at a time. I seem to break out mostly at the joint areas of my body (shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles). I also experience the swelling around my eyes and on my lips.

Whenever I experience a flare-up, I go to the doctor for the usual course of treatment. They do bloodwork and test me for Lupus, RA, MS, Epstein-Barr, schleroderma, etc. (the tests always come back negative.) I do a course of prednisone, I take benadryl and claritin, and then the doctor eventually throws up his hands and says that they can’t give me a diagnosis, and that it appears to be some sort of auto-immune type disorder, but they can’t figure out which one. Then, eventually the hives go away and I’m o.k. until the next flare-up.

I came down with a nasty case of influenza back in April and was very ill for 8 days. I eventually got rid of it, but haven’t felt the same since. I got a pretty bad case of hives again, have extreme lethargy and difficulty concentrating (brain fog), wheezing in my lungs and a weird feeling in my esophagus area (like I swallowed a giant pill and it got stuck...) I am wondering if I have chronic fatigue syndrome or something. I guess I will go back to the doctor and try to get to the bottom of it, but they never seem to know what to do with me.

So, I thought I’d tell my story here and see if anyone had experienced anything similar to this. It helps a lot to communicate with other people who suffer from these same ailments. The people around me, my family, even my husband are not able to really help. They are supportive but just don’t understand what it is like to go through this. I was hoping this place might be good to share my experiences.

So, there is my story. I’m kind of excited to find this place, and am looking forward to communicating with everybody. Thanks for reading!
Thanx for all your replies - it has been very helpful. I may need to bite the bullet and go back into the dr. This last week has been horrible - I am covered (literally) from head to toe with huge welts. Benadryl isn't even helping me anymore. My eyelids, lips, hands and feet have been completely swollen up - by nightime I can barely walk around because the bottoms of my feet are so swollen. This is the worst flareup I have had in a long time - may need to do some Prednisone and Atarax again...:(