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Yesterday my 3.5 year old reacted to something at a horse barn - she had direct contact with a dog, horses and hay. When we got home, I saw that she'd been rubbing her eyes and they had become swollen with hives. The reaction was localized to her face so the culprit had to have been one of those 3 things she was in direct contact with.

Anyway, she has a diagnosed cat dander allergy and we're supposed to be going to a birthday party at a house with a cat. Usually Benadryl is enough to keep her reaction to the cat minimal, but I'm concerned that with yesterday's incident she might have a more severe reaction later today with the cat. If the horse barn incident had happened a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn't be as concerned, but given that her eyes are already irritated and she looks like she lost a fist fight, I'm a little hesitant about bringing her to this house today.

Any thoughts?
Antihistamines definitely work better if they're taken before exposure to the allergen so your best bet is to try giving her the Benadryl at least an hour before going to the house with the cat (you might even try Zyrtec instead of Benadryl because it won't make her drowsy and is longer lasting).

Unfortunately, antihistamines aren't foolproof and cat dander can be tough to avoid so you probably just have to give her the antihistamine and keep an eye on her.