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I have a cluster allergy called "mango itch." It is an allergy to urishol, a chemical in poison ivy, mangos, pine nuts, and cashews. The last two summers I ate mangos, and broke out into hives. I had to get antibiotics and steroids. Now that I know what it is, I avoid the things that cause it, BUT I live near a wooded area where our outdoor cats go - I think that's how I got poison ivy. I have a few bumps on my leg and some on my arm that have exploded into two big red patches on my left arm. The bumps on my leg seem to be healing. It was a few days ago that I got it and my patches haven't improved. At least it's not spreading. I don't want to go to the doctor because it's not as severe this time, and the steroids I got made me really irritable and nervous. I have the patches covered in calamine lotion. I'm going to try some Benadryl. Once the chemical gets in my system and causes the reaction (the patches) I have to fight it internally. Hopefully the Benadryl will help dry it up. Any other suggestions? I guess I just have to let it run its course? I luckily haven't broken out too bad. Since I didn't have any direct contact, hopefully this will be as bad as it gets. But, is it true there is a poison ivy shot to prevent this from happening again, since I live near the woods and will likely get poison ivy again? Or is that only for people with severe allergies?