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Hi everyone

I have suffered miserably from chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis for many years and a lot of others in my family suffer from allergy-related conditions as well.

Recently, I brought my pet goat into my bedroom for a few days and she completely saturated my carpet with urine and "pellets". After I took her back out to the barn, I spent the next 4 days cleaning my bedroom carpet with first bleach, then vinegar, then baking soda. The smell was still there and it was driving me crazy and so I repeated the process all over again but I still couldn't completely get rid of the smell.

Meanwhile, my allergies/sinuses were getting worse and worse. I'm talking MAJOR sinus pressure, headache, sneezing, waking up with burning/watery eyes, stuffy/drippy nose, pressure and a feeling like my whole head was one big snot-filled balloon. A lot of brain fog and feeling "not quite right" too as well as feeling kind of "out of it". I still feel this way and it's not getting any better so this evening I went out and bought some Benadryl Allergy and headache formula and I'm hoping that will help some.

My question is this: the bleach solution I used was very strong and I know that urine can turn to ammonia and that you should never mix bleach and ammonia together. The floor was very saturated with urine and I used a lot of bleach with I breathed all of this in for several nights in a row while I was sleeping (as I said, this was in my bedroom). I was just wondering if anyone else has had a really bad experience with using bleach to clean urine odors out of their carpet and if it has aggravated their allergies.

I know everyone here will probably be more interested in asking me why I had a goat in my bedroom then answering my questions so before the questions and jokes start rolling in, let me just say that I had no choice in the matter due to an emergency that occurred leaving me with no choice but to bring the goat inside of my bedroom - otherwise I NEVER would have a goat in my bedroom.

Anyway, are bleach and urine a bad idea?. Are they a dangerous combination?. Anyone else share my experience?. I swear, it feels like someone shot whipped cream up my nose with a double-barreled shotgun. That's how stuffy and congested I feel (behind my eyes, bridge of nose, forehead, everywhere!). Thankfully, no green pus or other signs of infection at this time though.

Thanks, Steve