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Hi everyone. I broke out in hives this past Sunday, and I don't know why. My case was VERY mild, and I know how lucky I am. There were 15 hives that looked like bug bites or zits. 2 on my leg, 1 on my shoulder, 2 on my torso and the rest on my back.

I took benadryl, but that didn't help. However, I wasn't too concerned because all the hives are covered by my clothing, so I don't have to worry about how I look, and they don't even itch too much.

So today is 2 days after the initial break out. I still have all 15 hives, but they appear to be fading. They also don't itch.

I have a doctor's appt next week for an unrelated check up. Obviously I will talk about the hives at that point. I don't see why I need to move my appt up earlier since the hives aren't bothering me.

HOWEVER. It's all well and good that this is a very mild case. But the appearance of these hives are not going away, even though they've faded. It looks like I have unsightly acne on my back.

My question is: Because I'm waiting to go to the doctor, and I'm just letting the hives be (since they're not bothering me), is it possible that they WON'T go away? Could the look of them possibly settle into my skin like a scar? I guess what I'm asking is: They WILL go away eventually, right?? Because if they're not itching anymore, I don't get why the physical red circles are still there....

Thanks so much for any help!!