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[QUOTE=katolb90;3643375]And let me guess... You're real, real drowsy too right? Are you staring off into space a lot?

It finally has let up. Thankfully! But yes - I was exhausted! I was having to lay down and take a nap each day.

I've been really dosing up on Sudafed, Claritan and Benadryl at bed time and it's finally started clearing.

But I don't like it. I was useless for several days.
[QUOTE=herkw;3644421]WOW.. My symptoms exactly. Full head felling, fatigue,plus bad tasting post nasal drip. I have been suffering for months off and on.

Unless you want to go to the doctor, I'd just suggest trying some of the over the counter stuff. I usually only use Claritan. But since this wasn't letting up, I'd take claritan in the morning and sudafed throughout the day. Then at bedtime I took a benadryl. I did that for a few days and that seemed to clear it. Now, I'm just back to claritan and sudafed as needed.

I hope you can find some relief. These allergies are real devils to deal with.