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Hi- Now, Sylvia Browne, reknowned psychic and medium, would say you are experiencing astro-catalepsy, in which the spirit actually leaves the body during sleep, the pressure you are feeling is when the spirit, or you, is trying to get back in the body, and it will do anything to do so. I can hear the moans and groans from the readers already. So....

More Scientifically, the brain does emit a chemical that somewhat paralyzes you during sleep. That way when your dreaming, of running, or doing whatever activity, your body doesn't get up and run, it stays there.

You may be on your way to a deep sleep. Have you ever tried just giving in to the feeling? You may find you have a wonderful and refreshing sleep.

If it does make you nervous, and for most people it would, the more you think about it, as with insomnia, the worse it would get. Perhaps try an over the counter sleep aid like benadryl, or Tylenol PM. Although I hear the Tylenol is pretty strong. But something like that may curb your anxiety. I say this because you say it only happens at night. Are you feeling Ok in the daytime? Just some thoughts, Sherbear -38