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did they give you a steroid dose pack to take after the shot? prednisone that tapers gradually for 7-10 days? Are you taking any benadryl?
I had something bad like this happen back in May. I took some Imodium AD while I had the flu. Within 30 minutes I broke out with red welts and hives all over my body. It was horrible. I was scared and drove myself to the clinic. They gave me a steriod shot and I was put on benadryl around the clock. Everytime the meds wore off I broke out in the hives. It went on for at least a week. I even got another steriod shot. The doctor told me it takes awhile for the allergen to get out of the body. Kind of scary huh? So don't be suprised if that is going on. Hang in there!:angel: