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Most definately get him seen by a doctor and get him on a plan. Like Benadryl and an inhaler or whatever the doc tells you. He should not have to suffer like this. This is the WORST time of year for allergies. From now until late Oct when the cut crops down (Which is horrific for me) he may suffer. At least until a good frost. I don't know where you live. I am allergic to about 30 things...everything green outside, dust mites, mold, cats and dogs you name it! I have to get allergy shots, allegra, sudefed or Benadryl. Unless I do the combo I am miserable. I had skipped shots this year and I am completely miserable and will be starting them again this upcoming week.

Try to limit his time outside and keep your house as clean as possible. My step son who is 11 has asthma and allergies. We have an air purifier going in his room. His mattress is covered with a special allergy protector. It does cut back on things but I have to constantly get on his about taking his Benadryl in the morning and before bed. We all hate it because it makes us sleepy. I take it too. I feel for your little guy. He is not suffering alone. Sometimes I wanna cry because I am so miserable.

Just get him on a little plan and he will be fine and his symptoms will subside. Hang in there!:angel: