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I have had allergies and asthma for awhile. I used to be "the sneezer". I would have bouts of sneezing that would go on forever. What's strange is that over the past couple of months all of a sudden I have horrible hives. The hives present strangely as well. Sometimes they look like standard hives and sometimes my skin will just develop random red stripes that don't itch and disappear after a few minutes to maybe a half hour. The area gets hot and sometimes has a slight burning sensation. Sometimes I don't even know that I have them and someone will point it out to me. Sometimes I notice that they are a reaction to heat but that's not always the case. They respond well to a lot of Benadryl (2 pills every three hours) but I can't maintain that. Also, I've been put on a tapered dose of steroids which end today and the hives are already returning. My question is this...I don't sneeze anymore. Can your body change the way it reacts to allergens? Are my hives just a new way of presenting the same allergies I've had for years? The Dr. seems confused by me. I've had blood tests and showed a very slight elevation in antithyroid antibodies but not enough for my Dr. to want to go that route. I'm at a loss to know what to do anymore!!! Dr. wants me to get a food allergy blood test but there doesn't seem to be a direct food relation to my symptoms.

Does anyone have any insight into this? HELP!