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Dear Starlight, Wow I feel for ya! I am right there with you! I was just sitting here tonight thinking...well actually feeling sorry for myself. I have been so miserable for weeks with my allergies. They seem to be extra bad this year. It's my fault that I haven't done my allergy shots this year. It would have made a difference and at least made my suffering more tolerable. I am congested beyond belief! Watery eyes, itching face and nose and also the top of my mouth inside itches. If I take my allergra, benadryl and sudefed I suffer all the side effects that come with those. But I do it anyway. It's still out of control! I am allergic to over 30 things. Anything green outside, dust mites, mold, dogs, cats and some foods. Ugh!

The one thing I will tell you that I have read is that perimenopause and menopause actually make allergies worse. Some people who don't have allergies will develope them during menopause. Mine seem to have gotten a bit worse. I am in my early 40's and its just one of those things I am gonna have to deal with. I feel for you. I would recommend the allergy shots. They really do help alot. They build up your immunity to the things you are allergic to. Good luck! Hang in there!:angel: