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Two days ago my son came home from school with his left ankle & foot very red, warm, swollen, & itchy. I passed it off as an allergic reaction to a bug bite, gave him some benadryl, & sent him to bed. In the morning he was miserable, saying it was sore and stiff as well. I decided to keep him home from school & have his grandma keep an eye on him. She called me about midway through the day & told me that now his right ankle looked the same as his left. By the time I got home he was even more miserable so I decided to take him to the ER because of how sudden the swelling came on, and for seemingly no reason. They ran blood work and took a urine specimen. Because he had no fever, the ER doc said it probably wasn't due to an infection, rather an allergic reaction of some sort. To what, no one knows and he couldn't figure out why the swelling spread to the other ankle as well a day later. He also mentioned that he has a very distinct heart murmur, which he's never been diagnosed with before. I found that interesting because as we were waiting for the doc to come into the room, I noticed how the vein in his neck was bulging out (I assume from the position he was laying) and his heartbeat looked really irregular even to me. As far as the test results go, the u/a came back negative for everything except for mucous and amorph crys, according to the results they gave us. The bloodwork revealed 101 for his glucose level, which the doc said was ok being high because he wasn't fasting prior to the test. His creatinine was .40 (low) and bun/creat ratio was 35 (high). I don't know what mono abs auto is but it says it's .6 (high). Everything else appeared to be normal but if you want anymore specifics just ask. They did a pretty complete workup & I have the results of everything. The other thing I found a little interesting given the newfound heart murmur and sudden swelling was that his bp was a little high at 133/61 when we first got there and 131/61 a few hours later after Christian had fallen asleep waiting. His temp is normal, pulse rate normal, everything else seems just fine. We have a follow up appointment with the family doctor in the morning but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on what I should ask the doc to check out. I'm not panicked, but a little worried about the possibility of something going on with his heart because his dad had a heart attack at 38 years old, his sister was born with a hole in her heart, and I myself have a heart murmur and had complications in the past with a tooth infection spreading. Anyone have a clue what could cause all of this to come on so suddenly in a 9 year old?