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allergies can come on at anytime during your life--if all of a sudden your throat was sore and you have hives--just look at what you were eating last. because of pesticides in food most likely you could have been eating a peach but last week you ate one and you were fine...benadryl is the best for that---dr's will fill you up with lots of drugs like prednisone(horrible) but just stop eating the foods that bother you. also, if your skin is itchy check your laudry detergent ---get the unscented---very common to develop scent allergies overnight...hope this helps...
Hi there,
I'm 26 yo female and have had hives for the past 6 weeks, so apparently now they are classified as "chronic". I gave birth to my first child approx. 6 months ago and the hives started in September 08 - about a month after I weaned off of Effexor for postpartum depression.

I'm absolutley miserable and have had no relief since the first day my hives started - I'm so upset and frustrated, not sleeping (like having a baby isn't enough - I can't stop itching long enough to sleep). I feel like I'm at the end of my rope and the quality of life is pretty poor right now.

Does anyone have any suggestions or have heard of dr. A. Kaplan? I'm in Canada and I'm bugging my GP to send me to an allergy specialist to be tested for autoimmune disorders - I just don't know what to do or where to start - I'm so itchy and nothing is helping... so frustrated.

Currently I take 2 reactin tabs in the a.m. upon waking up, about 2 - 4 benadryls throughout the day, 2 more around 8p.m. and 2 more at bed time along with a Singulair. I don't know what to do anymore - nothing is providing relief.

Any suggestions?