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I wouldn't expect an employer to provide medications (it would be irresponsible since they're not doctors and they don't know your medical history). But I would definitely ask for gloves. Check with employees in your fish, poulty, or deli departments; they probably have a box handy.

You don't need to make a fuss or talk about liability issues. (Managers hate employees who seem litigious.) If anyone asks, simply smile and say "allergies." (If needed, you could joke about not wanting to blow up like a blow fish.)

If a manager gives you a hard time about it, assume they have no training or experience, and politely remind them that it's a safety issue. If you use the term PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) any experienced safety manager would be quick to comply with such a simple request.

And unlike most people, you can use your employee discount to buy benadryl or creams if you need them.

I always have a tiny tube of (Rx) Triamcinalone cream in my purse. It's the best thing I've found for rashes, but it's not supposed to be used on large areas or open cuts.

If you're afraid of a life threatening allergic reaction, you might get yourself one of those epi things. I know a few people with bee allergies who keep them nearby just in case.