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Within the last couple of days I have experienced a very strange symptom. We I eat (chew), my left jaw gets swollen & it feels like a knot (as big as a small egg) after eating. There is NO pain, during or after...not at anytime since this began. I noticed it 2 nights ago as I was cleansing my face before going to bed. It was about the size of a nickel at that time & I thought maybe it was a allergic reaction to a bite of some kind, even tho' I found no evidence of any kind of bite. (I had been outside watering my yard..the reason for this thought). I took a couple of Benadryl just in case & went to bed. The next morning it seemed normal...at least I felt nothing & did not really notice any swelling. Later in the morning after, eating my morning cereal, I noticed it swollen again & felt the 'knot' again. Still no pain! I called my dentist, but of course the office was closed on that day. As I was leaving town, I stopped & picked up something to eat on the way, & as I was driving & eating....it started again. My jaw got a 'bit' tighter this time & swelled. This time it scared me. I looked at my face & the left side looked like I had swallowed an egg. Still no pain...just a slight tenderness when pressing on it. Since I have only eating/drank soft foods that require no 'chewing' & it seems to be okay. Only a very slight puffiness. Needless to say, I'm looking for any input on this. It just started out of the blue....& I'm stumped. On, & while I was watering the 1st nite, I ate a trail mix bar...which probably started the process.....
Anything anyone can tell me ... I would be most grateful. I do plan to see the Dr/dentist after the w/e...but for now any input would be appreciated.