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I had an unpleasant reaction after eating some pieces of carrot yesterday. I chopped two large carrots for soup, and ate some pieces as I was chopping. The first carrot tasted really good. The second didn't taste great. It was a little bitter, but I was hungry and ate almost half of it. After a while I noticed my mouth felt strange. My tongue felt a little numb. Today I ate some of the soup I made last night. After eating a little, I bit into a large piece of carrot. Almost immediately my tongue started to feel prickly. Now it still feels numb and the back of my throat feels irritated. (The soup wasn't hot, and didn't contain any spices I don't usually use.) I took a Benadryl just in case it's an allergic reaction, but it still feels the same after an hour.

I like carrots, and eat them all the time, so I hope I'm not developing an allergy to it.

Could it be due to some contamination or pesticide on the carrots? Or do carrots produce some chemical as they get old? Both carrots were in the same bag purchased less than a week ago.