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Hi Lilly~
How are you feeling today, any better? Did you end up having a cold or the flu? What are your symptoms?

As for the high BP, yes, I have had high blood pressure since I developed FM & CFS in college 10 years ago (wow time flies!). My parents both have it, so Im not sure if its genetic or from the FM? Either way, I take Benicar (which is supposed to help lose weight as well, but so far it hasn't helped with that). As you know I haven't seen a doctor, and won't be able to now that I lost my job, so I don't know about the other tests. Crazy! The people who need insurance the most, always get screwed! I'd like to find a way, get a grant, free money, etc, to help people who are homebound get the medical attention they need. Wouldn't that be rewarding? I would love that. I have a few family memebers and friends who could benefit from a program like that. Don't you? Well, I hope you feel better today...Im still moping around, but I'll be fine. Drink lots of tea and water!