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First of all I have a history of thinking there is something wrong with my heart. I have bigtime health anxiety because of it. I take Xanax as needed (.25mg about 5 times a month).

It all started 3 years ago with sharp chest pain, nothing was found to be wrong so I was told it was arthitis (??) in my chest bone - took high doses of motrin for a while and it went away. I then developed a rapid heart (120 at rest) with spikes of HBP and was given a Beta Blocker for a year. Now my pulse rate is fine.

I have seen my cardiologist (did numerous EKG's, one Stress Test (treadmill), sonogram of my heart (no other tests). Found nothing wrong. And did some "heart" blood work at the ER...all was fine....all within the last 3 years

I still have mild hypertension (maybe it's caused by anxiety??) and currently on Benicar 20mg. Somedays my pressure is low and I am tired, because of this I am trying to stop the Benicar to see if I really need the pills. Or if it's anxiety and stress that give me HBP from time to time.

Okay...recently I have some more issues that I think could be heart related and I am a mess and I need some advice. I don't want to run to my doctors since they all probably think I am a hypocondriact anyway.

A month ago I started feeling - jaw pain that radiates to my ears at times, back pain (minor), chest tightness, feeling of doom, left armpit pain, sometimes arm pain (left). Of course I am thinking blocked arteries. I am a female age 40. The pains would come and go and usually a Tylenol would help with the worst of the pain which was the jaw.

Some things that might explain my pains are:

1. Last year I was told I had hiatal hernia - take Prevacid for at least 6 month, only took it for two. Pain came back two months ago and I could also have IBS and/or Gastritis according to my primary MD and am scheduled for a visit with my gastro on the 25th. Could this be causing some of the chest pain?

2. My two front bottom teeth are in bad shape with receeding gums and paque. I am going to see a specialist this Wednesday about them. Could this be causing the jaw pain that spread throughout my whole bottom jaw?

3. Armpit pain. PMS is upon me, could it be hormonal? I've felt this way many times before but never with the jaw and chest pain.

4. I have terrible posture (my back is rounded when I sit) so this could be the reason for the back pain.


1. If I had blocked arteries, wouldn't they have found something wrong in some of the tests last year when I was at the cardiologist? Does it happen this fast?

2. Would Tylenol make any heart related pain (jaw) stop?

3. Could anxiety be the cause of all this pain.

Sorry about the long post. Thank you for any and all replies.