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My pre-opt was good, I had some e-rays taken everything looked clear, a ekg done which showed signs of a heart murmur which I knew about that was caused by a side effect of one of the medications that I took (which happened to be a blood pressure pill Benicar).

I had my surgery done yesturday.. I did have some breathing complications, apparently my huge tonsils were growing down my throat (picture grapes) which in my case was holding my tongue from sliding down. So I ended up having to be re-intibated again until the swelling went down.You are actually intibated down your throat and also through the nose (painful). I was literally choking on my own saliva.. The pain is excrutiating I was given morfin shots through out the night. When the tube down my throat was removed I was only able to breath through my nose because my tongue kept sliding back and it was soo swollen that I would say it was the same as if I had gotten it pierced. They think that this swelling was due to anethisia.

However due to my little vitamen and high protein binge I handled it very well because you are most highly not going to be able to eat anything after surgery.. I was having trouble just swallowing the water from the melting ice chips. I do not recommend drinking anything made of citric acid even though the nurse offerred me cranberry and orange juice afterwards. Can you imagine the burning, they tried to get me to drink liquid tylenol but no way it burned too much because of the menthol.. so thats how I ended up on morfin... and it wasnt a pleaseant feeling it made me feel really light headed and loopy and knocked me out. I did end up having to stay overnight because of the numbness in my tongue and they were afraid I was going to choke on it through the night.. which I did have problem during the night, I really couldnt rest at all in the ICU. When my ENT came into my room the following morning he took a look in my mouth and said that its already healing quite nicely already, "you are doing extremely well".

Today was my actual first day of eating and I can talk just fine.. no problem my pain is about a 4 on the scale and I beleive that is due to bulking up on vitamens C and E a month before surgery, after surgery I was able to eat cream of wheat and I put in a little vitamen e in the cereal, and Im drinking cold throat coat tea which helps greatly, I also made this big pot of chicken broth, and teeny tiny pasta which looks like finely little round chopped spaghetti ends, with celery and carrots which all had to be over cooked so I could lightly chew them. Ive been eating this throughout the day also , pudding, custard, cream of wheat, I have a snow cone maker so Ive been making finely chopped icee's, Ice cream that is fat free and lactose free so you dont have that gooey ness coated in your throat. Ive been sleeping on and off all day and that is due to the tylenol codein.

I really wish I could have seen how big my tonsils really were and requested that the size and weight be recorded in my medical report, how ever my dr said that they were big and were full of abcess and clusters upon clusters of big craters with tonsil stones that I wouldnt have been able to get pick out with a tooth brush or screwer. There is this really bad taste you have afterward, and brushing my teeth afterward didnt help only eating ice chips.

The whole inside of my throat is still swollen including my uvula, cheeks, back of tongue, and my sinus track is swollen from the tube in my nose, I do have a very slight itchy burn in my ear drains but as long as I take my tylenol Im fine. I had alot of spitting to do after surgery and they had me on oxygen with a humidifyer to keep your throat wet, although I was drooling like a dog, I kept asking for some kind of suction which they finally gave me so I was able to do the suctioning myself as long as it was done in the front of my mouth. Bring a dry eraser board when you go in it helps alot to communicate with the nurse. Overall the most scariest thing was me not being able to breath on my own after surgery I literally held my breath for at least 3 minutes which freaked me out.. then having to breath slowly out of one tube in my nose.

Tomorrow I will post a picture of what the inside of my mouth looks like for those of you who are like me and like to look at the gory side of what really goes on:eek: . I did take a before pic however that one got accidently erased.