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He Doen't Get It When He Is Doing Exercise...it's Only In The Morning When He Is Doesn't Have The Patch On... He Is Also Talking Caduet, Plavix, Aspirin, Benicar And The Nitro As Needed... He Had An Angyoplasty Done In January And A Second Cath In May. He Has 2 Stents And The Dr Has Told Us That There Is Another Blocked Artery, But It Is So Small That Is Not Fixable And It Won't Cause Any Mayor Problems... He Said That Those Pains Are Not Dangerous Unless They Don't Go Away With The Nitro...
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Caduet (CCB), Plavix-Aspirin (anti clotting,) Benicar (ARB for BP,) Ranexa (pricey anti-angina agent) and Nitroglycerine.

That's a LOT of drugs to STILL have angina.

I recommend you consider JUST the Ranexa, the aspirin, and a beta-blocker. The beta-blocker, if chosen appropriately at the right dosage could replace the Caduet, the Benicar AND the nitroglycerine with a little bit of luck.

That's what I'd try.