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I am both hypothyroid and hypertensive. Both my thyroid and my BP were out of control. I switched to a new BP med, Benicar HCL (contains a duiretic), and just had my levoxyl upped to .125. When I first upped my levoxyl, by BP went up. It lasted for about a week, but it seems to have adjusted. In my case, my pulse was already higher so it was touchy getting the levels worked out. It's been 5 weeks and I'm set to check my levels next week. Hopefully my TSH has come down from the 5.3 it was at the last labs.

I recently had an echocardiogram and it indicated a normal, healthy, structurally sound heart but there was a small amount of excess fluid surrounding the pericardium (the fluid around the heart---pericardial effusion). My cardio said this was nothing to worry about, unless the amount of fluid increased. Of course I went home and did some research and saw that hypothyroidism can CAUSE pericardial effusion. At a later visit I mentioned this to my GP, but he doesn't think there is a relationship. What else is new? :rolleyes:

Take care of yourself and be persistent. When all is said in done, the number one health care provider you have is yourself!