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Hi everyone. I am new to this thyroid madness, just diagnosed in Nov. as Hypothyroid after becoming extremely ill. Have been on 75 mcgs of Synthroid ever since, feeling gradually better until I screwed up my meds and accidently took 50mcgs for 7-10 days which made me extremely ill again. My doctors won’t test T3 so I know I will not be able to get them to prescribe Armour but I’m looking into finding a new doctor that will. (And will test Adrenals, DHEA as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies.)

I’m very encouraged by what I’ve read about Armour and I’m wondering the best way to try it. Is it best to stick with the Synthroid and start adding Cytomel and eventually trying to switch to Armour? Or is it best to switch over to Armour completely and see if eventually I need to add some Synthroid if the T3 is too much??? I’m so afraid of what the med change will do to me but I’m clinging to hope that Armour will be the miracle cure for me. Also, how long should I wait to try to make these changes? Should I stick it out longer to see if my body still needs more time to adjust to Synthroid or make changes now while my body is still trying to adjust?

I’ve also read that T3 is rough on the heart. I’ve had high blood pressure and heart palps since thyroid issues began. Anybody switch from Synthroid to Armour with these issues and have them get better, or worse? (I am currently on Toprol XL and Benicar to help.)

Thanks for your help!