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Who knows anything about Renin? I just got labs back indicating that my level was 9.7 with normal (nonhypertensive) range being .65 - 5.0.

Renovascular hypertension possible >1.5
renovascular hypertension more likely >10.0

I developed high BP when I got this lovely thyroid issue. I'm currenlty taking 100 mg Toprol XL and 20 mg Benicar HCT. I've also read that BP meds, diuretics and birth control can affect these tests. (nobody tod me that before!) I'm guessing the BP meds and birth control could account for my elevated renin, correct???

I've also had BUN and Creatinine tests recently that I believe indicate my kidneys are OK. Creatine .7 (.6-1.0) and BUN/Urea Nitrogen 9 (7-18)

I will discuss these results with my doc next week. Just wanted your input.