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Neddy, I want to apolgize for dashing off the previous post...I did it in a hurry and it wasn't very friendly and probably not at all helpful...it's just that I see so many people out there going through some of the stuff I've gone through and so I want to tell everyone so they don't want make the same mistakes I did, or my doctors did. (FYI my sleep specialist and my pcp told me there was no correlation between my restless legs and my blood pressure medication. BUT within 2 weeks of disco'g benicar hct, my restless legs disappeared never to return.) So if your doctor thinks you are crazy (mine did) listen to him and then go out and prove him wrong, grin! It's amazing, some of them do admit they're wrong, grin. My favorate doc has practiced medicine for over 50 years, attends symosiums all over the world, AND asks me what I've learned on the internet. He's a doc I take seriously!

[[COLOR="Red"]removed] I wish I could remember the explanation my pulmonary sleep specialist offered for apnea causing reflux, but it was too technical...anyway, I am confident you will find the answers. Oh, don't go off meds without medical supervision as it could be dangerous. An ENT sounds like a good choice if you suspect you've got apnea...if she/he doesn't specialize in reflex/sleep problems he should at least know where to refer you.

Good luck!!!