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That's what mine did only worse. She gave me samples of Benicar 40/20 and my blood pressure dropped to a range of 80/49 to 98/65, my pulse went up to 85-119 at resting. She said to test it for 2 weeks that it should even out, but it never did. She then switched me to Benicar 20/12.5 and my blood pressure now remains around 115/75 and my plus has dropped back down to around 65-70. Plus I feel good, very good. Even lost my evening ankle swelling. I do however have a cough, not sure if it started when I was on the 40/20 or not, but I'm almost sure it's connected with the Benicar. I can live with it though - I feel so much better than when I was on Atenlol, which I took for 3 years & was always tired.