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Ace Inhibitors especially PERINDOPRIL (ACEON) and RAMIPRIL (ALTACE) appear to be among the most cardio-protective. The only problems with Ace
inhibitors (as with lots of meds) are side effects. The Ace Inhibitors are the most researched and research yields very positive results. I'm currently trying a low dose of ACEON (as an addition to low dose BENICAR) for better blood pressure control. I had trouble tolerating ALTACE apprx 5 years ago and was switched. I hope this med. proves better.

I believe Ace Inhibitors are more beneficial than the ARB's that many of us are switched to ex. COZAAR, DIOVAN, BENICAR etc...
COZAAR and DIOVAN are fairly well researched. BENICAR is yet to prove any strong positive studies with the exception of many laboratory RAT experiments, but doctors push them like crazy.

As you mention Inflammation and atherosclerotic effects, I think that the addition (among some others) of vitamins such as VITAMIN C, Vitamin E (natural), NIACIN, FOLIC ACID and a low dose of a statin, can reverse atherosclerotic plaque and inflammation.. see "The combination of NIACIN and ZOCOR"

P.S. Ace Inhibitors may also prevent cancer...I guess it's due to the snake venom toxin ingredient, which has this effect. When they say; These blood pressure meds. are poison.... I guess they are not kidding......