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I have to go so I'll be brief. I experienced acute pain in back and shoulders and achy hips on hctz, body stiffness on lisinopril (difficult getting up from a chair or out of a car for an example), pain in my pinkies on amlodipine, achy hips on benicar/hctz (I suspect the hctz here, not the benicar), and pain in my bones on the side I would lie on when taking Atenolol. I am currently med free and I am currently pain free and my movement is normal....what I find interesting, is that the drugs imobilized me so much I couldn't move enough to "injure" myself, but this summer I've been bouncing around like an acrobat and no pain! It's got to be the meds. I'm lucky my pains went away but I would never tell anyone they will go away, given Famnd's situation.

Am going away for a couple of weeks. Will check with you when I return.
Hope you're doing well.