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Have been on Benicar HCT for about 1 1/2 months. But my kidneys don't like the HCT, so I'm going to be switching to the Benicar without the Hydrochlorothyazide in it.
Dr. didn't say if I can switch immediately or if I need to gradually switch. I guess I could try cutting the Benicar HCT and Benicar in half and taking half of each for a while.:confused:
Does anyone have any experience with this?
I don't have personal experience with Benicar but I do with HCTZ. I've taken it for almost 4 ys. I have not read anywhere that there is a withdrawal by stopping HCTZ suddenly. Since HCTZ according to the PDR (drug book) lowers systolic & diastolic b/p, I'm sure you will have an increase in both numbers of your b/p when you stop it.

I would just switch to Benicar.

What problem did you have with your kidneys from HCTZ/

Thanks for your reply famnd. Regarding my kidneys: Until recently I have not been to a medical doctor.(No insurance.) My chiropractor who uses Contact Reflex Analysis (muscle testing) has been keeping me going for over 5 years. Certain things that I consume affect my kidneys, other things affect my gall bladder. I bring different items in to the chiro. and he tests them on me to see if there is a negative effect. For instance, the medical dr. I went to has given me benicar hct, natural thyroid, vit. d, vit.a, vit bcomplex, vit. e and something called indoplex. The thyroid, Vit. d and indoplex tested ok, but the benicar hct, vit a , vit. e and vit. bcomplex caused my testing reflexes to go weak.
I'm sure a lot of people aren't familiar with this, but however it works, my chiro has gotten me through the flu, and achey lower back through supplementation. He said that diuretics can cause the kidneys to refer pain to the lower back.

So, I have discontinued the Vit. A, E, and B complex and wanted to see how I would do without the HCT. I have improved my diet, started exercising and am watching my sodium so will see how it goes. I really don't want to be on any medication and am working towards that goal.

Thanks again for your reply.