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I wondered about caffeine when I was diagnosed 3 months ago. I don't drink coffee, but did drink a good bit of iced tea (straight or mixed 50/50 with either lemonade or cranberry juice) and Diet Mtn. Dew and the occasional Diet Pepsi.

I've switched now to Green Tea (Lipton Diet Citrus), Caf-Free Diet Mtn. Dew and Diet Squirt (which tastes like grapefruit juice but is only < 1% fruit juice so it shouldn't cause a problem with my Dynacirc which has the grapefruit and grapefruit juice warning). I only have a little iced tea now.

My doctor didn't say anything about stopping caffeine after my diagnosis. I researched it on the net but could find nothing conclusive. Some studies showed no real effect long term on BP by caffeine. One concluded caffeine will raise the BP of someone who doesn't normally consume it, but has no long term effect after the body adjusts to the consumption level (don't have a citation for the study though).

I didn't seem to have any caffeine withdrawl. I went on Strattera for ADD in September and it seems to get me going in the morning without caffeine.

I'm 25 days away from turning 51 and male (and slightly down the Ohio River from jeanie54). My BP has been very good the last few weeks or so since going to 40 mg of Benicar and 10 mg of Dynacirc.