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I just returned from almost a week at Disney World. Some of the rides (Kilimanjaro Safaris & Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom, Mission:Space & Test Track in Epcot, Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom and others) have pretty extensive warnings for people thinking of riding them. They include 'pregnant women should not ride' and 'those with high and low blood pressure should not ride'. We were thinking of riding Test Track but my wife said she thought I shouldn't ride since I've been diagnosed with HBP. I told her since my BP was now about normal thanks to the Benicar (40 mg) and Dynacirc (10 mg) it would be OK for me.

I asked one of the Disney 'cast members' who was at the Test Track ride and she said even if your BP was under control through meds you shouldn't ride if you've been diagnosed either high or low.

I called my doctor's office and when the nurse called me back she said just the opposite - if your BP was normal with meds it's OK to ride. Riding coaster-type rides or spinning rides with high or low BP can cause extreme dizzyness.

My wife then wondered since (hopefully) most who've been diagnosed with HBP would be on meds and likely their BP is under control or near normal, who would the warning apply to? How many would know their BP is high or low and do nothing about it?

We ended up riding the Kilimanjaro Safaris, which is basically a very bumpy truck ride through an 'African' savannah with good up close viewing of elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, gazelles, etc. We had ridden it before (2 yrs ago) and knew what to expect. I'm not a big 'roller coaster' guy so it was no big deal not to ride the really fast rides.

Anyone else thought about this or asked about it at any theme parks?