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Currently on Benicar. Would like to know of other's experience with Avapro and or Diovan since my insurance has a lower copay for those($25) than the Benicar($50). Is Benicar worth the extra money?
I have no experience with Avapro. I took Diovan for two years and my blood pressure was all over the place. Sometimes it was fine and other times it was borderline. My doctor changed my medication to BENICAR HCT 40/25 and since then my blood pressure averages 105-70 and lower. My readings at night average 90/70..
I have tried Cozaar and Atacand, both are ARBs like Benicar, Avapro and Diovan. They gave me the worst side effects, although that my father use this group with no side effects.
My expereince is that when you try 1 med from a group and rest of the group will have similar side effects, but some maybe stronger in reducing the blood pressure than the rest.