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Hello... I've been trying to figure out the source of ringing in my ears for the last 2 months. Its really really driving me nuts.

Basically it started 2 months ago (its 24/7, never stops) as a result of a very bad sinus infection that had gone into my lymphnodes. At the time, they saw a lot of fluid behind my left ear (only the left one rings). So, my ENT just figured it was a bad sinus infection and put me on Augmentin for 10 days. Well, after 10 days the sinus infection had cleared but my ear was still ringing. At first I thought it was from the antibiotic... 2 weeks later... still there... then I thought I had TMJ... its not. 2 weeks later... still ringing. I thought it was the Lipitor I was on... stopped taking it. Still ringing. The only medications I'm left taking is Benicar (blood pressure), Allegra (I have very bad allergies), allergy shots and occassionally HCTZ (blood pressure).

Its not so bad during the day because the daily noises and sounds drown it out. Its really really bad at night when I'm trying to sleep. Worse of course if I lay on the ear. The volume of it and the tone vary.. some days its louder than others...

Does anybody know what else this might be? I went to the Allergist a few weeks ago to see her opinion and she said my ear was completely clear from what she could see but she put me on prednizone to see if it cleared it up. It did not. She told me my only other solution is going to a Neurologist.

I am seeing my ENT again on Friday...but if anybody has any thoughts on why in the world this is happening to me, I would be greatly appreciative. I have posted about this in the Ear Nose and Throat board and didn't get any responses. I'm thinking I'm going to need an antidepressant soon because its really affecting me.