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This is the type of thing that galls me with doctors. They seem to want to OVER medicate you. Clearly this is an indication that diet is playing a pivotal role where your hbp is concerned. What angers me about your story is that my dr. put me on Benicar/HCT 40/12.5 last Dec and my bp wasn't high, was about 20lbs overweight, w/great cholesterol numbers and I exercise, etc. The Benicar knocked my socks off and I wound up in ER. I'm not happy about the way drs. handle the bp problem.

Congratulations on losing the weight! :)

Generally, each kilogram of weight lost should reduce blood pressure by 2.5/1.5mmHg. You do the math. You don't say what your blood pressure on this med was BEFORE you lost all this weight. Has there been a drastic change in blood pressure? (over and above the calculated BP reduction caused by the weight loss)

What is important is the rate at which you lose weight. It should be around 1.5 lb a week. Your weight loss is more than that. You lose fluids initially, not fat, as you know. With the loss of fluids, there's also some mineral (electrolyte) loss. This affects your metabolism. Some of the symptoms of lower than normal levels of electrolytes would probably sound familiar to you. Have you had them checked lately?
Another question: Are you on this diet with your doctor's approval? This diet might not be right for everyone. If so, does he feel that the rate at which you are losing weight is appropriate given your physical characteristics and state of health?

As Anne mentioned in a previous post, your medication must be adjusted for the weight loss at the very least. And, guess what? Benicar affects the potassium levels in your body. Another reason to ensure the electrolytes remain in the proper balance. Alcohol lowers blood pressure further. As a result, the dizziness and drowsiness increase. Don't drink while on this medication. Dieting with a rapid weight loss should be done only under a doctors' supervision.

Well I mainly eat the Lean Cuisine and WW dinners for my diet. I do not drink water like I should but still can not imagine it would cause my BP to fall like that. Not sure about the sodium intake on those dinners but I do know I am not drinking the fluids like I should and playing 18 holes of golf without much fluid intake may have done the trick. My BP was running 124/80 before. Now it never gets in those ranges. I am on 20 mg of Benicar and 12.5 mg of hydrochlorithyide combo and have been for several years with no problems. I have been this weight before and my BP was still running kind of high. Now all of a sudden I am going the other way. I do not eat my fruit and veggies like they tell you to on WW either. But 70/40 is really low, and yes I thought I was going to pass out. Right now it is 110/68 and was 117/74 in the Drs office. I told him about the dipping into 98/70 range and should I quit taking my meds now that I am losing weight but he said not unless it drops farther which it did yesterday.