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My doctor raised my benicar script from 20mg to 40mg cuz my systolic is high but my diastolic is low. I told him that im easily effected by stress and have a hot head. Im only 29 and have had a high systolic all my life cuz i have white coat syndrome pretty bad. Even when my systolic shoots up 160/170 mt diastolic is around 70 or 65. I don't want to take anymore benicar cuz it only seems to effect my Diastolic and my systolic is all over the place from 110/170. I've heards stress and diet affects the systolic so do you think i am right for doubting i need more benicar? As easy as i get worked up i think my systolic will still be up and down and more benicar will just lower my diastolic yet again. By the way doc says my diastolic is low cuz i work out 6 days a week and im strong as a "mule".
With all due respect, it sounds like if you added something like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, tai chi, some behavorial modification, you wouldn't need any meds at all. I wish that was me. I hate medication. If your diet needs adjusting you might want to look at that, too.

I know changing one's behavior is hard, but it is so worth it if it can keep you off off bp meds. I really would investigate it if I was you. My doc first put me on Benicar and I wound up in the ER. He gave me way too high a dose for my needs. I just find the world of treating bp so hostile. But I'm older than you so my bp is more age related and genetic. Even still, as someone who practises meditation, I have to say that it helps. My bp is not really that high and I have no other issues: my diet is good and I exercise. But hbp runs in my family and I just turned 60.
Thanks zora. I've also been taking fish oil and trying to relax uno. I've heard about yoga and meditation. Im just not sure i need to be uping my benicar as it doesn't change my readings other than the diastolic which had never been a problem to begin with.