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Hi Joann,

There is a new pill approved by the FDA in Sept 2007, combining two very well known medications. The pill combines NORVASC (Calcium Blocker)and BENICAR (Angiotensin Blocker). The pill is called "AZOR". BENICAR is suppose to be excellent for kidney protection, and improve artery function for diabetics. NORVASC helps lower the blood pressure even more. I think even BENICAR (alone), which is suppose to be one of the more powerful and effective 24 hour medications (according to research and Holistic Vitamin magazines) will probably lower your blood pressure taken alone. The "Angiotensin Blockers" or "Ace Inhibitors" are very closely related drugs and either ones are known to be the best for Diabetics. The drugs include other pills such as "MICARDIS", "COZAAR", "DIOVAN", "ALTACE" etc....

NOTE: The drug "MICARDIS" (according to Research) is suppose to be the best drug to prevent diabetes and improve symptoms. The pill has a unique property which I believe is called PPAR-gamma for insulin/glucose improvement and diabetes..

Yes, my doc just put me on Azor 5mg/40mg last week. The benicar alone was good but for me it did not lower my pressure enough.